Everyday Life and Menu Plan 5.8.17

Spring has FINALLY arrived! We even got a rather summer like day earlier this week and I celebrated with this season's first iced coffee outside with a book.

Ahhhhhhh. It was promptly followed up by a thunderstorm, the likes of which I can't remember in almost thirteen years of living in Seattle. Yet was still small potatoes compared to the most average Midwestern storm. It was, however, certainly like nothing the kids had ever seen, and it was fun to see them geek out over the lightning. It also made our rhododendrons explode the next day.
We also celebrated my youngest turning seven! 
Normally we take a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for the kids' birthdays, but this year will be a slightly bigger trip to Chicago next week, with a visit to the Shedd for our aquatic fun. For more immediate gratification, we took them to dinner and a movie over the weekend (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was excellent) with cake and presents on their actual birthdays, of course. Big brother is up this week with the big ten, double digits, a decade... Time to distract myself with menu planning!
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  1. Oh that chicken looks amazing! I need to put it on my meal plan.