This Weeks Eats 8.4.13

We finally decided to try a new restaurant for my birthday dinner out this weekend.  As out and proud creatures of habit (are you shocked?!), we usually fall into two patterns: nice steak dinner or margarita dinner.  Also, side note: the Origami tank goes quite well from sweaty to date night.

So I decided to break the mold and dine at a nice little Italian place in our hometown.  It was pretty good, but I'm already jonesing for a good margarita or steak!  Ah well.  Although, my salad course was fantastic.

Grilled Romaine Salad with bacon, blue cheese and apple

Grilled lettuces have always piqued my interest, and now I'm eager to finally make our own!  We'll pair some grilled romaine (and maybe radicchio?) with our usual wedge salad toppings (bacon, blue cheese, tomato and red onion) along with our favorite steak dinner, naturally.

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  1. I loved grilled romaine! Happy birthday! Mine was yesterday :)

  2. Happy belated birthday!! Mmm, the Thai turkey meatballs sound really good.