Yankee Doodle Dash 10K Race Recap

Working on my 10K time, and figuring out how to pace it, is my current running goal.  I haven't run one since the Snohomish River Run in November, and I really wanted to get a baseline for my current speed.  Early July was the best timing for the training program I wanted to follow, the Train Like a Mother 10K 'Own It' plan.  Not only was the Yankee Doodle Dash at the right time, it was certainly the right price and size.  I knew it'd be a small-ish race and for $25 (plus no surcharges because you could sign up through the Y's online system) I was SOLD.  Yes, this race solidified the fact that small races are totally my favorite, hands down.

It started at a decent hour, 8:30AM, so I didn't have to get up at a crazy early hour and parking in downtown Everett is easy peasy.  There was a lot open at the bank right next to the start line, as well as a ton of street parking.  My car was a block and a half from the start.  I picked up my packet, got my face painted by some cute teenage girls (again, small races FTW) and went back to my car to hydrate and pin on my bib.  Fifteen minutes before the race start they did general announcements and had the Y health and fitness director come up and do her annual race warmup.  Before she started, she called up all the members of the Cobb family.  Nelson Cobb had died not even two weeks prior to the race, and it would have been his 13th year running the Yankee Doodle Dash.  You can read all about his story here.  They were all wearing matching shirts; family members young and old, all there to honor him and run.  I had a really hard time keeping it together, and my eyeballs were sweating.

from the Everett Y Facebook page - this was a little more than half the family, there were even more out representing.  So wonderful.

Then the warmup started and it was very cute and fun and, of course, included some moves to YMCA by the Village People.

also from the Y Everett Facebook page

And then it was time for the 10K-ers to line up.  They had pace groupings marked for 6/7/8/9/10 min miles and everyone pretty much stayed far away from 8+ and all huddled in the 9 minute mile area.  I was hoping to do 8:30s, so I just edged to the side (the side of our first turn) and up toward the front of the group.  The course was really pretty, I had no idea that there were such cute neighborhoods tucked away just a few miles from one of our favorite places to go with the kids (we're in Everett a LOT to visit the children's museum).  It was mostly and out and back and had a few rolling hills - no soul sucking steep ones, or terribly long ones, but enough to give me a challenge - 551 feet of total climb.  I was glad to have them, because I really wanted to get back my 'kill the hill' mojo which I lost after the last Seattle Half.  

I was pleasantly surprised that I was close to my 5K PR time at 3 miles and I think I decided to relax a little bit when I realized that, since I was meeting my expectations.  Alas, I probably could have left a bit more out on the course and exceeded those expectations.

Yep, right after the 5K point, I started running 9min miles

Oh, and I probably could have reigned it in a bit in that first mile.  I definitely started to by mile 2, as I didn't want to overdo it and thought of this race as the first in a few 10Ks I'd like to before the end of the year.  I was putting forth a good effort and nothing was hurting; I haven't felt this good in a race (other than my trail race) in a looong time - really, since last September at the Labor Day race.  

The race ends on a nice little downhill (MUCH appreciated) and apparently I hit a 6ish minute per mile pace, which just cracks me up!  I'm not sure if I've ever gone that fast before.  Wheee!  Final chip time was 54:01; I eked out a 23 second PR over my last 10K I ran while feeling injured.  So, I'm hopeful about getting a 53:xx or maaaaybe a 52:xx someday soon...

Either way, I can't wait for my next awesome local race.


  1. Nice work Andrea! Sounds like a fun race:) It's hard to find 10k's. I really want to run another one!

  2. Nice job! 10Ks are really tough, I had forgot how hard they really are until a couple of weeks ago. Love the Shwings on your cute Cadences. :-)