This Weeks Eats 6.2.13

A friend of mine told me that she was reading through the weekly menu and thought she really ought to try the tortilla pie or the baked taquitos (I concurred) and that her kids might actually eat them.  Now, I must admit - as I admitted to her, that my kids eat a very small fraction of what we make on ye olde weekly menus.  Eeegads!  I know.  My six year old has indeed tried the taquitos and a few of our other regular meals, but he still hasn't overcome that phase of being distrustful of food that he can't easily identify/things that are mixed together (What's that green thing in the soup? spinach What's that brown thing in the taquito? a black bean); and his three year old sister is firmly in the midst of this phase of suspicion.  Usually what they eat is a deconstructed version of what we're having: cheese quesadillas with black beans on the side when we have taquitos or Annies Mac and Cheese when we make fancy mac and cheese, etc. And, yes, sometimes they get a serving of 'I-give-up-just-have-some-chicken-nuggets-or-PBJ' while we eat our grown up dinner.  We do ask them to try everything that we eat; and I think that slowly, but surely, they're coming around.

If left to their own devices, they'd subsist on Jimmy John's alone.  I don't blame them, really.

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  1. I have the pickiest eaters ever! And when I make something they like one week they will not eat again. Ugh! They're both teens and still in the phase of suspicion LOL

  2. Your weekly menus always make me feel like I need to get my act together and stop eating the same old, same old all the time. Maybe I should just steal yours? :) You have some great recipes.

  3. Yes- you are not alone! My 3yo rarely eats our dinner, but she hardly eats dinner in general, so I don't have to make another meal for her. She stocks up at bfast and lunch and her "snack" is really more like "dinner" so I'm trying to include healthier options then to make it more dinner-ish!

  4. I am soooooo happy to hear you say that your kids don't eat everything! I was assuming you had the kind of kids who just eat it and don't question. I, too, do the deconstruction routine!