This Weeks Eats 4.7.13

One of my big to-do items got crossed off this week and I'm really, really excited about it:

Yep, I made my own loaf of bread - two, in fact.  I've never made sandwich bread from scratch.  Sure, I've made plenty of quick-breads - banana bread is practically a food group in our house.  We also make our own pizza dough and cinnamon rolls for Christmas.  But, I think the universe was giving me a little help with the to-do list when a friend gave me some Amish Friendship Bread starter last week!  Have you heard about this stuff?  It's like a baking yeast chain letter and really rather fun, and TASTY.  I even cheated on our weekly Sunday pancakes and made some phenomenal French toast with it this morning.

So, if I show up to any gatherings with a big Ziploc of gunk, don't be alarmed - I might just pass it along to you...


  1. Awesome! Isn't it so satisfying to make your own?? I have heard of Amish bread, it used to get passed around some circles back in PA, although I haven't seen it here at all. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Yum! I love homemade bread!

    Thanks for linking up this week :)